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Swap “NYC” to Toronto, and this post, by Maureen Johnson, is perfect.

All of our apartments are too small. We live in New York. We’re idiots. We live in tiny ferret-holes. But you know what? When you rescue (see point one), you are giving a dog a home. Prior to that, the dog will be living in a shelter or maybe a small crate, so your apartment is a great place. It is home. Your dog will never judge you about the size of the apartment. Your dog will say “I love you” every day. You will give up space on your sofa, on your bed, on your futon, on your tiny amount of floor, in your tiny kitchen. It is okay. You will be glad you did. You had too much space anyway and you just never knew it.


One thought on “City Living

  1. This is exactly how we felt when we fostered 90 pound Lady P in our 600sq foot condo.
    She didn’t care, and was saved from euthanasia because we fostered her.
    She is happily adopted and in a big house with her own yard, but I know she was grateful to share our small space while she waited for her furever home ;-)

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