NO Paws Left Behind

What can I say about NO Paws Left Behind that I wouldn’t say about just about any reputable rescue out there?  It feels so repetitive – they work so hard; they try so hard; they have  too many dogs and too few people; they don’t get any funding; their dogs are so special; they stole my heart.  It’s all been said far too often.  I refuse to turn this into a rant-y post, berating you to spay and neuter your dog, research training, commit to their well being, know that they’ll get old and bigger, to adopt or purchase from a reputable breeder, to socialize puppies, etc, etc, etc, because that isn’t what this post is about.

(But for shit’s sake, people.  Spay and neuter your pets.  Train your dogs.  Know they’ll cost you money in vet bills.  They’ll age; we all do.  They’ll grow; we all do.  Don’t support puppy mills.  Socialize your puppies if you get them at a young age.  Come on.)

That isn’t what this post is about.  This post is about my heart getting stolen by a small, privately run rescue in Washington.

NO Paws Left Behind

NO Paws Left Behind is a no-kill shelter whose hearts are bigger than their budget.  They get no public funding – at all – and are built on Carrol’s (the founder) private land.  She started the rescue a few years ago with just a handful of dogs and now they have… 60?  Maybe?  No one seems sure.  As Carrol says, “There’s always room for one more.”

Aside from the literal dozens of rescue dogs, they’ll care for dogs whose owners can’t – for example, if someone ends up in rehab or the hospital or temporarily homeless, NO Paws will take their dogs and keep them until their owner can take them back.  They don’t charge for this.  They also board dogs for paying customers for an absurdly cheap rate.  They have only a few dedicated volunteers, and a couple others who come in occasionally.  And still, every dog somehow gets vetted, gets at least 10 – 15 minutes of walking or playtime daily (minimum), has a clean kennel, and has food and water.

NO Paws Left Behind rescue dog
Jaeger is as happy as he looks (and is available for adoption!)
NO Paws Left Behind
Regina is gorgeous and sweet as pie – with people. She is available for adoption! No other pets in the home required.

It is easy to get caught up feeling helpless – I could spend all my spare time there and all my spare money on them, and it still doesn’t feel like enough.  So here I am, falling in love with these dogs and these people, trying to figure out how to best dedicate the time and energy I have for them.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do.  I’m going to have a few dogs – maybe 3 to 5 – who have some of the worst behavioural issues or need the most training help.  And I’m going to work with them one on one until they are adoptable.  And then I’ll pick another.  Rinse, repeat.

So here are my first two:

NO Paws Left Behind
This is Izzy. She is amazing with other dogs, and just gorgeous. She is VERY nervous with strangers. While she is currently up for adoption, she and I will be working on her confidence with strangers until she finds her home. She gets so nervous, and shows it in all the normal ways – avoidance, barking, and – when cornered – biting. With a bit of patience and lot of counter conditioning, she is going to be a great pet.
NO Paws Left Behind
This is Buddy. Buddy has just stolen my heart. If I could, he’d be here on my couch with me right now. Buddy is a very playful Mastiff mix who, in typical big dog without training fashion, as no idea how big he is. He loves tug and pets and treats. We are going to be working on some basic manners, some confidence (he scares at loud noises, and some sudden movements), and perhaps some socialization with dogs. He has been known to get in fights with dogs in the cages next to him, and currently has a nasty chunk out of his paw from a beneath -the-fence-bite. I can’t wait to work with him so that he finds the home he deserves.

So, wish me luck.  Wish these puppers luck.  Wish NO Paws Left Behind in Oroville luck.  Help if you can – I promise it is appreciated and goes to good use.  And you know I’ll keep you updated – about NO Paws, about Izzy and Buddy, and about all of my training project dogs moving forward.

NO Paws Left Behind
Bach – still a bit of a puppy and available for adoption! Sweet angel, no known issues.
Deuce is the only one pictured in this post not available for adoption. He is visiting NO Paws while his owner gets his life back on track until he can go home :)

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